DIY or professional contractor

12 October 2015
Certain household improvements may look easy enough when viewed on TV or the internet, but they are not all as straight-forward as they seem. This brings about the dilemma of doing the project your...
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Maximising small spaces

29 September 2015
Whether it is because you are retiring and buying a smaller home, moving in with roommates or have just purchased your first start-up home, it can be a big advantage to find ways to maximise th...
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Tenants and landlords should know their rights

28 September 2015
One of the most important aspects that potential landlords should consider before deciding to let out a property is a tenant’s rights and what implications they have if the contract turns bad at any s...
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What sellers can expect from a show day

22 September 2015
Once sellers have placed their home on the market and have made the necessary preparations, what can they expect from their first show day? Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX o...
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Making compromises during the home search

15 September 2015
Buying a property with a spouse or partner can be an exciting time, however choosing a home that meets both parties’ needs is not always easy. “One person’s vision of the ideal home may not be...
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Fixtures and fitting - what goes and what stays?

10 September 2015
Often when disputes arise between buyers and sellers, it is regarding an item of the home that was seen as a fixture, but was during the home sale process. According to Adrian Goslett, Regional Dir...
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Parent or not, schools matter

26 August 2015
When purchasing a home there are several factors to consider such as price, type, and costs to name a few. Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, says that of all...
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Ways to use your tax refund on your home

24 August 2015
During July this year many homeowners would have submitted a tax return and possibly received a lump sum of money back from the South African Revenue Service. Adrian Goslett, Regional Director an...
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Purchasing a fixer-upper

19 August 2015
Buying a home that is in need of attention can be a highly beneficial investment, however, this is dependent on whether the purchaser takes the necessary precautions and follows the right procedu...
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Tips for surviving a house hunt

18 August 2015
Beginning the journey to find the right home is an exciting time for buyers, although in today’s competitive market with a limited number of homes available for purchase, it might take buyers som...
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